Sunday, January 20, 2013

dear maya

Dear Maya

Well it finally happened, you're seven even though I swore I was going to cancel your birthday so you could stay six forever. Mom, you patiently explained to me each and every time, I have to get older. You can't cancel my birthday. As much as it pains my heart for my little girls to grow up there is a small part of me that does truly love watching you grow into the lovely little person you are becoming. Each year everything gets a little bit easier and that makes me ridiculously happy for both of us.


I watch you and see that you struggle with a lot of the same issues. So I give you a wide berth and let you know it's ok if you get to the birthday party and you just can't stay. You constantly surprise us though. This past Christmas after seeing Abby light the Advent candle at church you went to our minister and said hey! I want to do that too! On the Sunday it was your turn our Minister beckoned you to sit with him at the front and off you went on your own to sit beside him and smile out at the rest of the congregation. Then we have choir, you are a lovely and active participant at practice, but there is still no getting you up to sing with the rest of the kids on Sunday morning. You are a riddle indeed.


You love love love school. You borrow stacks of books between the library at school and our public one. You have all sorts of homework books to supplement the homework you have from school because you just love doing it. You are a thinker, a puzzler and you're quick on your feet. We gave you bedtime passes for your birthday, they allow you to stay up ten minutes past your bedtime. We told you that you couldn't use all six coupons at once and so you gave me two. "Here, you said I couldn't use all of them, but you didn't say I couldn't use two of them." So you're already smarter than me. Yikes!


You also love love love all of us. Every single night when I tuck you into bed the last thing you say as I leave  your room is tell Abby and Daddy good night and I love them. It makes me smile every time. After much discussion about the birthday cake you finally requested a rectangle cake that was half white and half chocolate because some people didn't like chocolate cake. You said I could put sprinkles on half of it because even though you dislike sprinkles some people really like them so that seemed fair. You wanted peanut butter frosting with one piece that was light blue because that is Abby's favourite colour but the rest could be pink. That was a big deal too because prior to this birthday cake you would not put up with coloured frosting. And finally I could decorate it however I wanted because I love decorating cakes. Pretty sweet instructions I thought, but so true to you. That love extends to all the amazing grandparents, the aunts and the uncles, the cousins and our fantastic friends. I think you've really figured out that love and family are the very most important things. Your favourite part about Christmas, you told me, was having Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel here for a couple of days. So maybe we're doing something a little bit right.


Six was great fun and I am sorry to say good bye to it, but seven looks like it's going to be pretty amazing too. Can't wait to see what it brings us.

I love you my baby girl, to the moon and back!
Mama xo


Goofball said...

whaaaaa she has a Bazinga T-shirt! Lucky girl

I have the same :), I'm a lucky girl too :D

Leah said...

My heart absolutely melted at her list of cake instructions, so that everyone participating in eating it would be happy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

She sounds like she has a beautiful heart. Love seeing her through your eyes. PS Seven is a great age!:)

Betsy said...

happy birthday! She is such a great little girl. =)

Sue said...

Happy birthday to Maya. I love her purple hat. Did you make it? Can you share the pattern. I need to make one for my niece. thanks.


Chantal said...

awe, so sweet! Happy Birthday Maya!