Wednesday, January 16, 2013

tied up

Our local library closed just after Christmas so the staff could start moving all the materials over to the brand new library just down the street. The kids have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the new library to open and it finally happened! We went over to check it out tonight and we are all in love with the new building.

That's the good news.... the bad news... during the three weeks the library wasn't operational I hopped to the head of the line for several items I had on hold there. I had 11 items ready for pick up. Add those items to the five books the girls got out and guess who's now an expert at the self check out? This chick!

So if you need me I'll be in my living room watching season two of Big Bang Theory then the Expendables, Iron Man 2 (RDJ!!!), Love Actually, Arthur Christmas, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, The Campaign, Rock of Ages and the Pixar Shorts, volume one while reading the cook book I borrowed. See ya in a week.


Lynn said...

We got the full Beverly Hills Chihuahua set for Christmas from my mother. I've seen number two (their favourite, due to puppies AND a doggie wedding) at least 10 times already. Call me when you need a debriefing.

zaczmom said...

Rock of Ages is awesome!!!! I actually bought it. Love the music

Goofball said...

oooh when I was 8, the local library in my town moved to a new big modern location. I remember how exciting that was!