Monday, February 04, 2013

instagram monday - ROM

Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel are really great at giving gifts that are outside of the (big) box (stores). Not surprising... they are hipsters after all or maybe drunk Belgians..... I can't remember which. I kid, I kid. Anyway this year they got the kids tickets to see the Dinosaur exhibit at the ROM and yesterday was the big day. The four of us had an absolutely stupendous time.

Our kids were exactly the perfect age to go. Don't take that to mean that seven and almost eleven is the best age to see this exhibit, but for our kids it was perfect. We all loved the Dinosaur exhibit, but Mike and I agree it's incredibly difficult to wrap your head around the fact that you are standing in front of something that is 65 million years old. We did better with the paintings from the 1700's in the Canadian exhibit. What was very interesting is seeing which exhibits the girls were really into. Abby loved the Canadian exhibit and the animal one.... she totally picked out the dodo bird skeleton from across the room. Although it was very sobering to read what us human are doing to various species of animals on this planet. Maya loved the bat cave and the coral reef. We did see lots of the ROM, but far from all of it... I missed the costumes from Carnival..... All the more reason to go back!



Betsy said...

Looks like so much fun! =)

Goofball said...

good to know drunk Belgians have a reputation :D :D

I hope I'm not to blame..hehehe.