Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Maya starts riding lessons tomorrow! She is beyond excited and doesn't seem the least bit nervous. I really can't believe we've come to this. She seems too small, too young. She's just a baby. I keep reminding myself that Abby started riding even younger, but that doesn't really seem possible. Abby was a much older 7 year old. I guess. Except she wasn't. Oy.


Betsy said...

How fun. My Natalie would LOVE that! =) I am looking into a place that will let her ride for her birthday.

Lynn said...

It's weird, isn't it, how your oldest seems so big, so grown up, at any given stage, while your baby seems so small and fragile? My oldest was just 4 when the youngest was born, and when I think about all he was expected to do, and encouraged to do, and allowed to do - totally different than MAH BABY who, at almost six, still gets carried around the house like an infant, at her request.

Guess there's no way to be the same parent to all your kids.