Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It's been around a year that Mike has been looking for a new to us car. Our goal was to limp this the van along through the winter and purchase something in the spring. When we began this journey we had no idea what we wanted to buy. Another van? Possibly. Very likely. Then Mike cast a wider net and slowly began driving us both crazy with too much choice. So we made a list of all the vehicles that had flashed across Mike's radar and headed to a lot to indulge in some test driving. After that session we narrowed it down to two favourites.... neither one a van.

After that the daily searching became easier. Mike looked and looked and many times tried to convince me to purchase something before we got to spring. Many times he tried to convince me to look at cars above our budget. Some how and I'm not sure how because there were days it was pretty dicey we managed to make it through to the winter and it was real deal car shopping time. Ugh.

I have made no secret of the fact that I have not enjoyed this process. I am very soon to be forty and yet felt no older than four. I was extremely anxious to get past the shopping/deciding/negotiating part. I live my life very much free from my usual anxiety, but the past week or so brought it back around as we tried to decide what to do. It was not a pleasant experience even though it was relatively mild.

That brings us to today. We bought a new to us vehicle this afternoon. Mike negotiated us a better deal than I was anticipating... Go Michael! And for my part I managed to get through it anxiety attack free. Hashtag best case scenario. The kids were very funny... over the moon excited. And Uncle Dave immediately wanted to know when we were headed north for a visit. Soon! Promise!!

Oh boy, I cannot believe this is over!



Lynn said...

That's great news! But what kind of car is it, in the end? We're also in the market and I'd love to know what you think of the new one, after you've driven it for a while.

Betsy said...

Looks pretty!!! I too would like to know how this became the one and what kind it is =)