Thursday, March 07, 2013


There was a meeting tonight. A captain's meeting for the Relay for Life. I don't typically attend the Captain's meetings with the exception of the final meeting before the event. All of our collected money needs to be handed in that evening to qualify for Dream Team status. So that meeting I attend, but always with a wing man. I have always done better with a wing man.

On the docket for tonight was a talk about fundraising and I was hoping for some tips to help the Jersey Girls realize their goal of $5000 this year. More importantly I was looking to pick up my Captain's Kit that has all of our fundraising materials in it. Nothing is incredibly remarkable about this information except that I went to the meeting. By myself. It's still so weird to me. Tonight as I was getting ready to leave I realized there no anxiety there. I was headed to a room full of strangers that I was likely going to have to converse with and I was decidedly meh about the whole thing.

I went to the meeting, sat by myself, talked to some people, collected my things and walked back out. Unremarkable to everyone except me.


Bibliomama said...

And me. I'm a little anxious just reading about it. :)

Betsy said...

Great job! I am one of those that gets really anxious about being in situations that aren't familiar. I am sure you will meet your 5,000 dollar goal.