Sunday, May 12, 2013

sunday randoms

I hope everyone had a pleasant Sunday. We spent it very quietly, Maya had a birthday party to attend, so we parked our butts on the couch and watch Eclipse while she was out. What else could we do with that crazy weather outside, sun, rain, hail, sleet and insane winds. It is May right?

Mike is not a fan of banana bread, but I had a rather large collection of over ripe bananas that I needed to use up, so I made this banana bread recipe and made Mike a believer. So delicious. I love that this recipe makes four loaves! I love to have treats stashed in the freezer.

So I have been telling everyone that we have a ten year old newborn in the house. I'm only sort of joking. Abby's been great through this whole broken thumb thing, truly, but there is just so much she needs help with now. She's a pretty independent kid, so she's finding it just as difficult as the rest of us. We are still waiting to hear from the plastic surgeon to see where we go from here.

I finally convinced Mike to start instagramming. I think he surprised himself with how much he loves it. Just like I told him he would.

Kristen Wiig on SNL this weekend, so funny even if I could only stay awake until update. When did I get so old?

How was your weekend?


Betsy said...

We had a good weekend. Pretty laid back. Had a bit of running around to do Saturday, but nothing compared to next weekend!

Goofball said...

rain hail and grey clouds and chilly temperatures here as well in May. Ugh

oh banana left overs...ever tried to make ice of it? there is something in the texture of bananas that make them great for fake ice cream (fake being that there is no cream yet the substance is as if it were ice cream). If I remember well, you simply slice the bananas , put them in zip bag and throw them in the freezer. Later on you take out the frozen slices and use a good mixer to mix them to smooth frozen puree. Strangely enough the result resembles amazingly ice cream although you've not added any ingredient but the banana itself. So it makes a great healthy treat.

(just googled the procedure and it is as simple as I just typed it: