Monday, June 24, 2013


As long as the Jersey Girls have been Relaying we have brought our kiddos along with us. We call them our Junior Jerseys and they really are a part of the team. This year we had nine Jersey Girls and eleven Junior Jerseys at Relay. It's always a game to see which kids will make it all night, which ones will fall asleep first, and which ones Auntie KK will draw mustaches on while they are sleeping. We laugh at the way they contort themselves into lawn chairs when they finally do nod off.

7am part two - they made it too. #JerseyGirlsR4L

I'm not going to lie I love having them with us. Sure having MyPie there gave this Mama a bit more to worry about. Where was she? Was she staying with her group like I told her? Was she still asleep in the tent? But I know they are gaining something really special. I know they are building life long friendships. I know they are making memories, stories they will tell and retell for years to come.

The Relay for Life isn't easy. It's physically demanding. Twelve hours of walking is even longer than it sounds, believe me. It's also really emotional, but it's also fun and so rewarding. It's a chance to hang out with my best girls' kids and that can be an education believe me. I'd never even heard of twerking before Friday night. Judging by the facebook and instagram posts during and after the big event I think it's safe to say they love doing Relay just as much as we do.


Betsy said...

I did that one year and it is truly an unforgettable experience.

Goofball said...

nice! I bet it's an experience they don't want to miss at all