Thursday, July 25, 2013

she forgot he had basic math skills

Abby's first day on the job found her and Poppa picking up an extra lawn as a one time deal. Poppa being the guy that he is declared the payment to be found money and he let Abby keep it. Well the amount equaled out to a King's ransom for an eleven year old. At that point Abby and Poppa hadn't yet worked out how much she would be getting paid an hour and those two things led to Mike "suggesting" to Poppa that he couldn't just give her a King's ransom, but rather a fair wage for the work she was doing. Poppa's opinion on the subject was that Mike should mind his own business. Lest you think this had turned into some sort of fight, nothing could be further from the truth. It was a simple case of parent versus grandparent. It's one side's job to be indulgent and the other side's job to be completely ignored when they complain about aforementioned indulgence. You know how it goes.

Finally employer and employee settled on the terms of employment, but the details of the contract were hush hush... at least where Michael was concerned. Mike and Poppa love to give each other the gears. Abby, however is a horrible secret keeper. She cornered me in the bathroom almost immediately to tell me how much she'd be making per hour, but made me pinky swear not to tell her Dad. Of course Mike tried everything he could to get her to crack, but she kept her lip zipped.

Fast forward to her four and a half hour work day when she came home and threw herself in the recliner because she was beat.

Abby: Well, I made $22.50 today!
Mike stops what he's doing to shoot a smirk her way.
Me: You realize you just told your Dad how much you're making an hour.
Abby: Crap!

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