Sunday, July 14, 2013

sunday randoms

This weekend ML got an initiation into canning with Shanny. Five hours and sixty-eight jars of jam later......


This was about halfway through the process when she turned to me and said.... who thought two flats of strawberries were a good idea. Me, that was me. Yep. So we ended up with 68 jars of raspberry and strawberry jam or 34 jars a piece. Canning seems to be a bit of a dying art so once word is out that you're sitting on 34 jars of homemade jam well folks start coming out of the woodwork. That's also why they make excellent gifts. So if I'm going to do the work I like to make sure I have enough for myself to get through the year and some extra to give away as gifts.

My poor Abby girl got herself an out of control case of swimmers ear. She's not able to swim for the next seven days, but that's really the least of her worries. She has pain that painkillers are barely touching which is making eating, drinking and talking uncomfortable. Sleep does not happen easily or for very long and I don't have to tell you Moms out there that seeing your child in pain that you can do nothing about is a special brand of suckage. It's something that slowly built in intensity from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning found her shrieking and crying in pain. Abby has been prone to swimmer's ear in the past, but we've always had good results with the over the counter remedies and it did seem like it was working again, but by this morning it had just gone off the rails.

The theme of this weekend has been back rubs, hand holding, cat naps, and one tired Mama.


Goofball said...

what is swimmer's ear? Yikes, sounds horrible :( :(. Hope it cures quickly

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness I would love to have some home canned jam! One of the things I miss from living back by my family.

Shan said...

Goofball - It's an infection in the outer ear canal usually brought on by water in the ear from swimming. It creates a nice moist place for bacteria to grow. She has ear plugs to swim with, but wasn't wearing them last week. I have alcohol drops that work to dry up the water, but this time it just got really bad really quickly. She's doing and feeling much better, but things like eating are uncomfortable.

Betsy - home made jam is the best!