Sunday, August 04, 2013

happy sisters day

I have told you before that growing up I really wanted  a sister. Instead I ended up with Uncle Dave and I wouldn't trade him for all the tea in China, but even still I always thought a sister would be nice. Today is Sisters Day. Did you know there was such a thing? I didn't.

7pm - They are my Dream Team every day! #JerseyGirlsR4L

Why was I so desperate for a sister? Well I figured there could be no better best friend to have in the entire world then a sister. I mean the evidence was all right there in front of me.... television shows and movies. We'd share a room and hang out all the time, go shopping and do each other's nails. It would be like one giant sleepover that never ended. At forty I realize that was horribly naive of me. I have friends that have sisters and not all of their relationships are like that.

7am - We made it! Now time to sleep. #JerseyGirlsR4L

You know what else I've realized at forty? My Mom, had everything worked out that way, could have given me that sister that I so desperately wanted and maybe we would have been the very best of friends, but instead I got to go out and pick my very own sisters.

So not only is Elliot here, he brought this cool chick with him @melblondel

Some of them, like Auntie Mel, came by marriage. I can honestly tell you that when Mel arrived in this family it was like we'd all just been waiting for her to fill that spot. The whole family was walking around with a Mel sized hole in it and we didn't even know it. I love that chick more than I can tell you.

12am - Bathroom break selfies. #JerseyGirlsR4L


#roasturweenie selfies

And a lot of times I just got lucky and was in the right place at the right time to meet some awesome chicks.... Robin, ML, Yoli, JB... all the Jersey Girls. I'm far from perfect, but I try my best and they seem to love me anyway. They've taken my late night calls (gosh the hours Robin and I used to spend on the phone together... before we got seriously outnumbered by our girls), watched my kids, held my hand, sat with me through funerals. Visited my babies in the hospital. Held my wedding dress over my head while I peed... only the truest of friends will do that for you. They jump on board with my crazy schemes. Listen to me vent. Care about my mental health. They cheer me on when I run and sometimes even run with me. We share books and eggs and sugar and whatever else we may find ourselves out of. They help me out of jams. They help me make jam and pickles and salsa. They volunteer with me and support me. They make me laugh and they make me smile.


So yes, maybe my Mom could have given me one sister, but I think this is the greater gift. It took me forty years to find this life for myself and I wouldn't change it for anything.


Hugs and much love going out to the sisters of my heart. Happy Sisters Day ladies. I love you!

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Betsy said...

Awe! I have a sister by blood, a couple really great ones by marriage and a few by choice. Love them all and couldn't imagine my life without them.