Monday, September 16, 2013

i did say that

Just a little postscript about "the letter" Maya wrote me.

My Mom was concerned that Maya would be upset that I wrote about this on my blog. She's not. I asked if it bothered her if I talked or wrote about it and her response was, Meh, it's fine. It's very quickly become our favourite family joke and Maya and I talked about that as well.

Why is it funny? she asked me the other night. Because it's completely not true, right? Am I "stoopid"? Am I a "big baby"? I asked her back. And then we laughed and laughed and laughed. See, funny. Right? And she agreed, it was pretty dang funny.

I've had the letter tucked in my purse since my Mom found it and I've pulled it out numerous times to show it to friends. I pulled it out again to snap a picture of it for my post and when I was finished I tucked it under the corner of my laptop with the intention of putting back in a safe place because that's something that will be even funnier when she's grown up. Abby and I have even joked about reading it at her wedding. I went to grab it yesterday to show ML and I couldn't find it. I checked my padfolio which I keep all my school council papers in since that's where I had planned to put it for safe keeping, but then I remembered leaving tucked under my laptop. Hmmmm.

Every night one kid sets the table and one kid clears the table after dinner. Can you see where this was going? It was Maya's turn to set the table which meant moving my laptop off the table which meant finding the letter underneath my laptop.

Last night I was tucking her in, Mom I threw that letter out.
What?! When?! (Garbage day was Friday)
A couple of days ago. (I knew before she answered me when because that was the last time she'd set the table)
Oh no! I wanted to keep that.
But you said I should throw a letter like that in the garbage.

It's always nice to know that they're really listening to you, but I was a little disappointed such a funny childhood gem had slipped through my fingers. 


Julie said...

at least you got the pic! she's a smart cookie that Maya.

Betsy said...

I was gonna say the same thing as Julie, at least you have the pic. Glad to hear she was listening!