Saturday, October 26, 2013

is it just a dress

Abby wants to be a zombie bride for Halloween. She's even come up with a back story for her character. You see she was putting her suitcase in the trunk of their car as they left on their honeymoon and her groom backed over her. By accident or just because he wanted to get rid of her, she isn't really sure, but there you have it. Now she's a zombie bride because of course they buried her in her wedding dress which she's going to need her dad to drive over in the driveway a few times just to really sell the storyline.

My suggestion was we take her over to value village to scope out the wedding dresses. Mike's suggestion.... why not let her use yours. It's just been hanging in the closet for the last 17 years and nobody's going to wear it again. He's half right. Abby has mentioned wearing it when she gets married a couple of times. I won't be the least bit surprised if her tastes change when the time comes. We got married in the mid-nineties, my dress is all big sleeves and heavy beading........ it may fall outside of timeless elegance proper.... cough... dated.... cough.... but who's to say? Maybe she will grow up to wear it one day. Or maybe it will just hang in my closet for the next few decades. I'm truly sitting on both sides of the fence on this one. I'm not an overly nostalgic person as it pertains to things. I have a handful of trinkets I consider important, but I also know if they were to be gone tomorrow it would change nothing of how I feel about or how I remember the person attached to them.

What would you do?

Also it should be noted that Abby's Auntie KK will be hella proud of the amount work Abby has already put into Halloween this year.


Goofball said...

hmm probably it will never be used anymore as it will be outdated.

but I'd not use it for Halloween. It's your wedding dress! I let mine hang in the closet.

Betsy said...

I don't think I could let my kids use mine... I am sure you can find a cheap one in a thrift store somewhere. =)

Lynn said...

Me too - I say, not for Halloween. I'm quite an unsentimental person, and I consider my own dress quite expendable. But although I've considered cutting it up to make a smaller dress for one of my girls, or perhaps a skirt for myself, or a handbag, or something like that, I think turning it into a zombie Halloween costume would be too much for me. It might be dated, but I loved it!