Monday, October 14, 2013

wrap up

Hi everybody!! How are y'all?

I'm doing well. Calming down. You see I had a little and by little I mean kinda very big mix up with all this paper work I've been working on and well it had me seeing red. Oh my I was angry. Mike helpfully pointed out that being angry was a waste of my time since there was literally nothing to be done about it. While the sentiment may have been 100% correct his timing was completely off. He's lucky to have lived through the conversation.  So yeah... that. Trying to put it behind me and get on with my life. I'm bummed for sure, but less angry now. So we're getting there.

Thanksgiving! It was Thanksgiving up here in Canada. We celebrated with turkey and pumpkin pie (blerg!!) at Poppa and Grandma Linda's. Laughed and ate our way right through dinner. Best way to spend a holiday right? We would have loved some snuggle time with the World's Cutest Nephew, but it was not to be this weekend.

Mike and I snuck away Friday night to see Big and Rich!! Oh my gosh, what a show! Twenty minute version of Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy? Yes, please! Throw in mini donuts and a retweet from Cowboy Troy himself and it was pretty much the perfect evening.

Took the kids out geocaching this afternoon, just on the trail near the house, and Abby found three out of the four we hunted down. She was pretty proud of herself.

Wrapped up the weekend with a little Christmas shopping. I may be finished the whole shebang before Halloween.

How was your weekend?

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