Saturday, November 16, 2013

high fives

And getting the high fives this week.....

1. The city of San Francisco and the Make a Wish Foundation for turning themselves into Gotham City to fulfill 5 year old Miles' crime fighting wish. I won't lie the pictures had me weeping.

2. The Magic Treehouse series. It's the only series besides the Diary of a Wimpy kid series that has really pulled Abby in. She's been reading longer than her required homework time every night just because she can't put them down.

3. House of Cards! It was well worth the overdue fine at the library to keep it. Uncle Dave, being way cooler than I, of course had already watched it before I did. On netflix even, where as I borrowed it from the library like a pilgrim and he warned me I'd want more by the time I got to the end and he was so right. How can they just leave us hanging like that? What happens next?!?!?

4. Checkout 51! Buy groceries, get cash back. It's really that simple. So far I've managed to save just over $60 in my account. What I'm saving it for I'm not quite sure. Maybe a new chest freezer.

5. Swagbucks! I'm not a hardcore user of this, but I do try and remember to do the daily poll and use their search engine periodically. I do faithfully shop through them though. They have better paybacks than ebates. So far I'm saved up enough to get a $5 gift card to I'll just let it roll until I need it for birthdays or next Christmas.


Kaci said...

That Batman story was the sweetest!!

Betsy said...

I loved that batman story too! So sweet!! And I use swagbucks as well =)