Tuesday, November 26, 2013

it's almost time

Can you believe it's almost December? Was it just me or did December go super fast? It's less than a week until we start the latest edition of the 25 days of Christmas. I cannot wait. The kids cannot wait.

So what do we have on deck for this year? I have no real idea. I really fly by the seat of my pants with this one. For me the 25 Days of Christmas isn't about doing 25 big crazy activities, but more about concentrated family time. I do have some tried and true favourites that I'll be trotting out again this year.

Colouring pages are still a big hit around here. And the girls love that we take the time to colour with them. We sip hot chocolate and giggle about silly things.

Our 25 days of Christmas instructions come via our Christmas Elf, Elwood who sometimes drops off books he borrowed from the North Pole library. We need to leave those books out for Santa on Christmas Eve so he can take them back to the North Pole with him.

We'll decorate a gingerbread house with Granny. Elwood leaves Granny instructions sometimes too!

There will be popcorn and Christmas movies. We'll eat waffles shaped like Christmas trees. Bake and deliver treats to the neighbours. There will definitely be some Christmas themed Charades. We'll wrap some presents, make some ornaments, decorate some gift bags. We'll drink hot chocolate floats and play roll-a-snowman. With this being the Year of Awesome... awesome seems to find us, so I'm excited to see what comes up that we can fill the gaps in with.

Do you do the 25 days of Christmas?


Julie said...

we have an advent calendar that i put activities in, and they are mostly little things (especially during the week) like having hot chocolate with dinner or listening to christmas music or going to look at the lights on parliament hill. the weekends are a little more involved like put up the tree or go tubbing. i love it!

Lynn said...

We totally do this too, and I have to say, you are really selling me on the colouring. I personally love to colour (and I believe it was Julie who suggested we have a grown-ups colouring party sometime, I would be all over that), and my youngest is really into it, too. If I offered a colour "or draw" option, I think it would be a big hit! I'm putting it into the rotation :).

Betsy said...

I totally want to do that this year. We had so much fun when I did it a few years back and all three girls are at the age where they can really enjoy it. =)

Shan said...

Lynn since my kids are getting older I looked for some colouring pages that were a bit more detailed and intricate. That may make the difference. Just google detailed Christmas colouring pages.

Can't wait to read what the rest of you ladies are up to.

Julie said...

I would love an adult colouring party! with nibblies and wine.

Bibliomama said...

I came here yesterday but I felt too inadequate and demoralized to leave a comment, but now you've shamed me into it by leaving a comment on my post. :) I just find it SO HARD not to get overwhelmed instead of excited these days, and it makes me kind of sad. Maybe I need to go tubbing with Julie. (Sorry, but THAT made me happy!)