Saturday, November 02, 2013

no kidding kiddo

I think the time has come. I need to start wrapping The Abster in bubble wrap. You'd think I would have done that after the broken thumb and the ripped off toenail, but I figured her luck had to change and it's been pretty good... until today.

This afternoon she rode the biggest horse at the stable for her lesson, jumping him many many times without a blink. It was afterwards as she took him back to the field that he stepped on her foot and stopped. She's got two swollen toes and a bit of a limp for her trouble. If this past year has taught me anything it's this.... if you can wiggle it without dying, you're probably okay.

So we brought her home and propped her foot up, she popped an advil and out came the frozen mixed veggies. Now I'm not sure if it was the limp that did it or what, but just a little bit ago she tripped over the area rug in the living room and landed ribs first across the edge of the coffee table. Her ribs seem to be intact, she can breathe just fine and didn't protest very much when I poked around. I administered some more advil and sent her in the direction of bed before anything else could happen to her.

You know Mom, I'm just an accident waiting to happen!


Bibliomama said...

Oh NO. I wonder if it's just the cringe instinct making her fall now, because the world keeps hurting her. How crappy. Or maybe she's growing - that throws people off balance. Whichever, I hope the wounding stops soon.

Betsy said...

Man she sounds like me! OUCH! Hopefully everything turns out okay.