Saturday, December 21, 2013

should have listened to him years ago

You guys....... I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you and I really feel the need to come clean. Are you sitting down? Ok, good.

Deep breath.

We bought a fake Christmas tree.

I know. I know! Let me tell you nobody is more surprised at this turn events then this chick right here. Growing up we always had a fake tree. My Mom would turn our dining room (that we never used as a dining room) into a Christmas wonderland every year and our fake tree was the centre piece. Mike, on the other hand, had a real tree at his place growing up. Once we got married and had a place of our own we went the real tree route.

Now before you feel it necessary to explain to me the evils of a fake tree let me just say... I know! I do. I know, they are horrible for the environment for many reasons. On the flip side a real tree benefits the earth in a lot of ways. So, yeah I get it. Believe me I have argued the real tree side many times before. So how did we get here? 

Mike has been over the whole real tree thing for a few years and has been lobbying hard for a fake one, but I kept putting him off for one more year, just one more year and then we'll buy one at the boxing day sales. Which, of course, we never did. This year at the end of November one of the flyers had some killer deals on fake trees. I saw one that looked very nice (on paper) and cost about the equivalent to what we were going to pay for a real tree. The Grannies managed to snag us the last one in the store, just by chance, and brought it home to us. And just like that we became fake tree owners.

Here's the funny thing I realized in the past month.... a real tree really messed with my anxiety. This has been the least anxious I have been at Christmas since I can't remember when and when I sat down to really analyze why that was, it suddenly dawned on me... the tree. Here's the thing with a real tree I'd have to figure out a time to get it and then getting it in the house and straight in the stand.... oh boy. If Mike and I were ever going to decide to separate it would be while we were getting the tree straight in the stand. Also Mike is not a decorator... which is fine, the kids and I LOVE it, but the past couple of years decorating the tree has caused my arms to break out in hives. Then I had to make sure there was always water in the stand and don't get me started on the needles everywhere.

Now we get to undecorating... a chore I hate more than anything... and lucky for me, one Mike doesn't mind doing except for getting the tree back outside. Now if I was ever going to ask Mike to move out, it would be while he's taking the tree back outside. Gee, you write that all out and I have to wonder why I'd put myself through all that when it clearly didn't make me happy. The most wonderful time of the year and I'm making myself miserable on purpose.

So the fake tree went up, I let the kids decorate it themselves (Maya did most of it) and then I didn't give it another thought. It probably sounds silly, it's just a stupid tree, but the amount of peace it's given my mind cannot be understated.


Julie said...

And it's beautiful. We've always had fake trees because we are usually gone for at least a week over the holidays and my dad got really nervous about leaving the tree unattended, like it would spontaneously combust while we were gone. And that has stayed with me in my own house. I like our little fake tree. One day I'll get one of those pre-lit ones!

Betsy said...

What matters is you having a healthy Christmas. Whatever works for you and your family