Sunday, January 26, 2014

sunday randoms

Spent the morning washing machine shopping with a tween who wanted to be anywhere, but washing machine shopping and a pre-tween who wanted to open every door to every appliance in every store we went into. Fun times.

We did not buy a washing machine today.

I did fall in love... seriously soul mate forever love... with a beautiful white AGA cooker. Maya and I may have sworn to wash all of our clothes by hand in the nearby stream if only we could abandon the washing machine shopping and just bring home that beautiful stove.

We did not buy an AGA Legacy today.

I just began the process of becoming a 4H leader because I needed something to do with my spare time.

In related news I have a hard time saying no to peer pressure.

I always have several Scrabble games on the go and in one I can lay all my tiles, but I can't find a spot to do it in. I dislike that very much!

In related news I'm avoiding making any move at all in that game while I pout about my Scrabble misfortune. Sorry LLH I'll resign myself to the inevitable soon.
Bradley Cooper is a very attractive man. That is all.

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Betsy said...

I <3 Bradley Cooper =) And I have a hard time with peer pressure too.