Monday, February 17, 2014

happy family day

We are a board game family. Which shouldn't shock anybody who knew me as a kid and I was constantly bugging someone to play trouble or sorry or monoply. We play board games because it's cheap and it's important and it's fun!

In honour of family day today we busted out the Apples to Apples and taught Grandma Linda and Poppa how to play. Apples to Apples is a game I've heard about for ages... well I've heard the name, but had no idea what the game was about, but we played it this past New Year's Eve for the first time and laughed our faces off. Basically you have a handful of cards with different words on them that represent a person, place or thing like my first kiss, repo men, the Grand Canyon, salsa dancing or burritos. Those are the red cards. Then there are cards that have adjectives on them like annoying, clean, or risky. Those are the green cards.

Each rounds one player acts as the judge. They pull a green adjective card and the rest of the players hand over the red card they have in their hand that best describes the adjective. So green card = annoying..... you might play red card = repo men. It's the judges job to decide which handed in red card best describes the green card in play. If the red card picked was yours you win the green card. It can get downright funny. Even the kids have been know to throw a red card just for the laugh rather than the win. It's great fun, the kids can't get enough of. So this gets our "Family Fun Seal of Approval".

Now they also say that the green cards you end up winning are the adjectives that describe you (the kids find this hilarious as well) and I don't want to brag, but.....

This is who I am... don't be jelly.

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Betsy said...

Love that game! It is the most fun =)