Sunday, March 23, 2014

sunday randoms

Ugh, if I was that kind of person I would tell you about the many ways this weekend sucked it. Ways that even a giant rye and ginger couldn't help. Double ugh.

Instead though I will tell you about finally seeing Frozen with my best girl and all of our girls. The movie was great, the company more so. On a related note..... do you think I need footie jammies?

Or how on a whim I bought a dress off Zulily for a wedding we're going to. Abby approved the purchase. On a related note.... I'm taking fashion advice from an 11 year old.

Or how Abby and I snuggled in to watch Footloose this afternoon while she worked on signs for the spaghetti dinner. On a related note...... Kevin Bacon on Jimmy Fallon. How awesome is that?

And hey, how about Jimmy Fallon. He is killing it on the Tonight Show.

And now it's time for tea and Weeds (season six, yo!) and we'll hope for better days this week.


Michelle R said...

Onesies yes...with feet no...too hot. Socks with you're talkin'! Now you have options!

Betsy said...

We just watched Frozen last night and promptly decided it will be a "must have" on our list of movies to buy. The girls loved it!