Sunday, April 27, 2014


Every year the Paris to Ancaster race goes pretty much right through our backyard so this afternoon the girls and I dragged ourselves over to the edge of the road and did our duty cheering on some of the hundreds and hundreds of riders that cycled through. We went out there for the purpose of cheering on Abby's bestie when she whipped through town, but as it turns out we had a fun time cheering on all those folks we didn't know as well.

While we were out there we collected....

Seven high fives.
More thank yous than we could count.
And many more waves and nods and tired smiles.
And one guy asked if we would dispose of his garbage. Which we did.

We fielded questions like....
Is this the finish line?
Did I win?
Almost finished, right?

We saw....
Two tandem bikes.
Three trail-a-bikes.
And one unicycle ridden by what had to be one awesome dude.

The girls and I stood out there for over an hour clapping and waving and being encouraging. We played along with the jokesters..... cyclists are a funny and polite bunch and I'm not just saying that because a bunch of my favourite people are cyclists. 

And we did, of course, cheer on Abby's bestie when she got to town. Although she was mostly past us by the time I realized it was her. They all start to look a like those cyclists. Of course I had my eyes peeled for a "little kid", but those little kids are as big as me now, so that clearly wasn't a strategy that was going to work. All in all the kids and I had a super fun time.

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Betsy said...

That sounds like such fun!