Thursday, May 01, 2014


I am a volunteer and a busy one. Here's the thing once people know you're willing to work for free they call you up for all sorts of things. I'm getting way better at pacing myself and saying no to things that I can't fit in or I don't really love, but there are still tons of things I'm saying yes too. Just this afternoon I volunteered to be on a committee that doesn't even exist yet. Yep, I'm crazy.

This week was tough though. I've been working on several big projects the past month or so and I've handled the stress and work load fairly well mental health-wise, but sometimes.... the best laid plans as they say. It was really just one stumbling block after another that called for a late night phone call with a friend, an emergency meeting with a planning committee, an absolute flurry of emails and a bit of pacing and venting. I won't lie at one point I sat here taking stock of the situation and thinking... I am so sick of this shit. I'm going to quit everything.

Anyone who knows me knows that would never happen, but there were moments when ditching it all was tempting. Often times I am the one looking for volunteers. Mike comments frequently it would be nice just to attend an event for once. Not to have to be behind the scenes organizing things and people and he's not 100% wrong, but we are who we are so, what are you going to do? I never like the idea of my volunteers getting to the chuck it all point. I work hard to make sure I don't overload or over extend them. I take absolutely zero offense if they aren't able to help out. There just isn't time to do everything we'd like to do. I get it. I just have to remember to apply that thinking to myself.

Luckily for my half organized events I'm past the "chuck it all" point. Mike is really good at keeping calm while I'm freaking out and reminding me of things like... Hey, it always comes together. It may not be the way you originally envisioned it, but you guys will pull it off. And he's right. Of course surrounding yourself with the very best people doesn't hurt either. Big thank yous and warm hugs going out to all those who were rolling with the punches along with me this week.

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Betsy said...

You are an amazing asset to any team. I am constantly amazed by the things you are able to accomplish!