Saturday, August 16, 2014

saddle up

So while it may the end of an era for Abby, it's just the beginning for Maya. MyPie has almost two years of lessons under her belt and a complete and total love of horse shows. This year she's only showing in the lead line class, meaning while she walks and trots someone else is leading her horse for her, but she is desperate to be out there on her own. Which is completely baffling to me, seeing as how she's spent most of her life attached to my leg and hiding behind my skirts. Abby has always been the more socially outgoing of our kids, but the thought of riding her horse in front of an audience does not appeal to her in any way. Maya, on the other hand, laps it right up.

It's so funny to see her even the night before a show, she very carefully lays out all of her clothes in preparation. The morning of a show she hops right out of bed and is dressed and ready in a blink.


A few weeks ago Maya was in her second show and she knocked it out of the park. The judges asked to see a walk and a trot going both clockwise and counter clockwise.


It is without a doubt the best bit of horse showmanship you'll ever hope to see. Okay, so we may be a bit prejudiced, but this time around the judges agreed.


First place for MyPie. I don't think she stopped squeeing for the rest of the day. She was ridiculously proud of herself.


Little sweetie that she is though, she was very worried that perhaps bringing home this red ribbon was going to make Abby feel bad, but Abby was a picture perfect proud big sister.

Only another couple of weeks until the next show and Maya is already asking daily how many days left until the show. I'm not going to lie I can't wait either.

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Betsy said...

That is awesome. I love seeing it when you find something that helps your kiddo come out of their shell.