Tuesday, September 02, 2014

first day

Well it happened... I am now the Mom of a brand new middle school student. That is just pure and simple craziness, yo! First day paper work came home along with instructions to subscribe to teacher blogs. Yeah I think this is going to be a huge learning experience for both of us. I think we both finished the day a little overwhelmed by all the newness, but otherwise okay.

As for the little one.... well she was highly offended when I asked her if she was nervous about her first day. Obviously not! Why would she be? Geez, Mom. Duh! She's very much a "this is where I belong and these are my people" kind of kid when it comes to school. I hope she holds on to that, because back to school anxiety can suck it!

Really can't wait to see what this school year will bring!


Goofball said...

succes with the new school year for both your girls!

Mary Lynn said...

The teachers have blogs? That's so cool.

Glad both kids have started off the school year well.

Betsy said...

Hopefully they are having a great first month!!