Wednesday, September 10, 2014

funny thing happened on the way home

This afternoon, just around the time Maya should be getting home from school it started to rain like crazy. So I grabbed the big umbrella and headed out to meet her bus so she wouldn't get soaked walking home. As I waited three different people... who clearly weren't hugged enough as children..... came too quickly down the street and just like you've seen a hundred times on TV splashed me from head to toe under my giant umbrella with freezing cold, disgusting, puddle water. And so there I stood, soaking wet under my umbrella that I brought to.... you know... keep me dry. The things we do for love, am I right?

Maya, of course, was thrilled to see me and my umbrella, so we walked the long way home and as we walked we talked......

Maya: Look at those chickens! They're getting wet, but not those chickens under the tree. They are the smart chickens. The ones getting wet over there are the dumb chickens.
Me: Well you aren't getting wet either, so you must be a smart chicken too.
Maya: With a smart chicken mother!

and then...

Me: Hey, guess what happened to me while I was waiting for your bus!
Maya: What?
Me: Three cars went past me really fast and splashed me with puddle water. I'm soaked. Isn't that horrible?
Maya: It might also be funny.

oh that kid....


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Betsy said...

I cannot believe people do that. But at least you got a laugh out of it right?