Saturday, October 18, 2014

going to the chapel

Things got wee bit cray cray here the other night. It all started when both girls hollered for me to come upstairs. I found both standing in my room with their hands full of slowly yellowing white satin and huge grins on their face. "Look what we found!!!!"

My wedding dress.

 It's just been chilling in the back of my closet for the past eighteen years. They took turns trying it on, but wouldn't let me take pictures. Abby, being almost as tall as me, fit into it a little better than Maya, who was pretty much drowning in all that material. Of course they had a zillion questions..... Why are these shoulders so big. It's so heavy, how did you wear this all day? I'm already sweating, was it really hot when you got married? (FYI It was. So. Hot.) And then......


Hey Mom, you should try it on. Ummm. I stalled. This could be very good for the ole ego or really horrible. In the end I was kind of curious myself. In the past eighteen years I've had a couple of kids, gained some weight, lost some, gained, lost..... you get the idea.


All I can say is phew...... my ego was saved. On *and* zipped up.


You certainly don't see dresses like this on Say Yes to the Dress.


Bibliomama said...

Whoa, good for you! I don't think I'd have the courage to try mine on.

Lynn said...

Aw, you look amazing! I'm super impressed! I wouldn't even dare to try to get into mine yet. All the pre-wedding stress meant that I achieved a wedding day weight that I'll certainly never see again :).

You should wear it to the grocery store! Movie night! Making Christmas dinner! It's awesome :).

Shan said...

Thanks ladies! Mike and Abby re trying to convince me to wear it for halloween. Ha!

Betsy Smith said...

That is pretty impressive! Too bad the girls wouldn't let you take pictures. :/