Wednesday, October 01, 2014

ribbons for everyone

Another bit of fair fun... the whole family entered items to be judged at the fair. I'm not going to lie the night before the entry drop off was Ka Ray Zee! Abby was heavy into the baking this year, we turned the oven on as soon as we got home and I think I finally turned it off at about midnight because Michael was also into the baking this year.
On a whim he decided to try and bake a coffee cake and wouldn't you know it he won first place and $10 for his troubles. Mike also tried his hand at penmanship, folk art painting and antiques and walked away with a cool $18 over all. Maya entered some bits of artsy type things, like a Canada Day door decoration (first place!), a piece of her pottery, some paintings and she has a $24 pay day coming to her. Abby got to enter in both the School Fair and the Junior department this year! She baked up cookies, brownies, two kinds of biscuits, and rice krispie squares. As well she entered lots of photographs, some drawings, a very kick ass Canadian Adventure story (starring my girl TC that took 1st place!!) and some other artsy stuff and she came away with $40 Me, I was very happy and proud to take first place in a photo category that was in memory of a friend's father. I baked a tiny bit in amongst Mike and Abby hogging the oven and I kicked Mike's butt in penmanship! Well okay I only scored a 5th, but he didn't place at all, so I can totally do that.
The four of us had a lot of fun checking out how we all did with our projects. It was a little chaotic getting it all ready, but I'm really glad we took the time. Can't wait for next year. Have you ever entered something in a fair?


Betsy said...

That is great. What a fun event for everyone. =)

Bibliomama said...

That's hilarious and awesome. I didn't even know this was still a thing. It's so wholesome and lovely.