Sunday, November 02, 2014

happy halloween

This Halloween I was lucky enough to spend it with one of my best girls JB at the kids' school getting ready for the highly anticipated Halloween Dance-a-thon, the school's biggest fundraiser. I was so thankful to be able to be there as Maya was presented with an iPad mini, her prize for being the school's highest fundraiser. Again, big thank yous going out to all the folks that supported her. The money will be put to very good use at our tiny school. As for Maya she was completely over the moon and had a few tears to shed after she picked up her prize. Many hours later as she was sitting on the couch she said.... Did I really win this or am I dreaming?

We did all the usual Halloweeny type stuff like carving pumpkins...


Spongebob by moi at Maya's request.


Severed cheerleader head by Abby.


The girls dressed up as a zombie and a hippie. We wandered the neighbourhood with friends until we were pretty much the last ones out there. We finally met the new neighbours (they only moved in way back in February). We secretly deposited a freaky looking clown pumpkin on another neighbour's porch. Trust me when I tell you it was so freaky I made Abby sneak it across the street. Also it should be noted that the freaky looking clown prank receiver was totally asking for it (xo JJ). And then Abby and I both lost our voices..... I guess that's karma for ya. So we wrapped up the weekend drinking a lot of tea and watching a lot of Suits and Parks and Rec.

I hope your weekend was just as awesome.


Bibliomama said...

That's some impressive pumpkin-carving (I can barely get the top off one). And cute costumes. And a Halloween dance-a-thon is an incredibly cool fundraiser. But a clown PUMPKIN? That is serious stuff.

Betsy Smith said...

Congrats to her! What an awesome prize =) and looks like a fun Halloween!!

Goofball said...

wow those are impressive pumpkins! what a carving skills!