Monday, February 16, 2015

sunday randoms on a monday

Well it happened, I'm off pace for my 3.65 million step goal by the end of the year. Right now I'm at 458, 148 steps and I should be more than 470,000 by now. So the wheels fell off for a couple of different reasons. One being it was beyond frigid this weekend. Dave and I headed out to walk to the dog on Saturday and dang near froze our faces off. Oh and Dave, Mel and The World's Cutest Nephew were here. So I spent my time building towers out of blocks, playing cards, drinking wine/rye and just soaking up all their company.

Had the most amazing late Valentine's dinner double date with Dave and Mel. Best steak I've probably ever eaten in my life. The company of course was top drawer..... I can't thank them enough for suggesting such a lovely evening.

We played some Cards Against Humanity after the kiddos were all asleep and it is a ridiculously funny game, oh yes it is, but let me tell you something about my brother. When he finds something funny, well and truly funny, he laughs in a way that takes over his entire body. He can barely breathe and hardly speak and you cannot help, but join in even if you don't know what he's laughing about. I think I might love that about him most of all. There was a lot of opportunity for that Saturday night.

Maya racked up a new nickname this weekend, she's now Choo Choo Maya. Somebody brought his trains to Auntie's this weekend and Maya was the perfect playmate.

The SNL 40th anniversary show was killer, did you watch it?

There was so much more awesome in this weekend, I can't even put it in words. How was yours?


Goofball said...

laughing until you can't stop anymore is fantastic (although painful)

Julie L said...

we played cards against humanity for the first time this weekend. I laughed until I cried many times. awesome game.

Betsy Smith said...

I need to buy that game!

Goofball said...

hi Shannon, everything ok? It's unusual that you are so quiet here on your blog. I hope you are simply having too much fun with your family to blog.

take care!