Sunday, February 01, 2015

sunday randoms

323,897 steps! Still on track for my 3.65 million. Started a new fitness challenge this month, it's all Russian twists, side planks and bicycle crunches. Yes, I had to google how to do those. Looking forward to feeling the change in my body by the month's end. In January I went from crying doing 20 squats to being able to do 180, with relative ease. I kind of surprised myself that I stuck with the challenge for the entire month. On my way to building a habit!

Y'all my phone is possessed! There is this weather app that came pre-loaded on my phone that I can't delete and it has taken over my phone. Hit the home button and the weather app opens up, so now I have to use the back key to get out of all my apps. It is so annoying. It's also battery draining. Oh and the speaker, it's now on as a default whenever I attempt to make a call or I answer a call. If you know me at all then you know I am not a fan of the speaker phone. I've had this one for two years, totally time for an upgrade right?

This weekend was just crammed full of friends, food and laughter. The very best kind of weekend in my books!

Masterchef has made me cry twice already.

The weather outside is certainly frightful! The wind and the snow are crazy. My back door is slowly drifting in. I had one kid go to bed praying for a snow day, the other praying for no snow day. I'll let you guess which is which.

How was your weekend?

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Lynn said...

You are rocking it with the steps! Checking my fitbit - oh yes, a solid 2200 steps today. This is why I can't be Fitbit friends with anyone - THE SHAME :).

So adorable with your daughters wanting a snow day/no snow day. I sent all mine to school but two of them rebounded - sick(ish). Guess I should have called it.

Lastly: yes, new phone! I thought mine was "just fine" and then I got a new one from my husband for Christmas. The whole time I was protesting that my three year old model was totally serviceable, but this new one is like a turbo jet plane, so clean and fast. Plus: pink case. You deserve it!