Sunday, March 22, 2015

sunday randoms

I am feeling a little out of sorts this weekend. I had to pass on an opportunity that I really did not want to pass on. It left me feeling more than a little crummy. To complicate matters that yucky feeling I usually get around this stage of the planning game showed up this weekend. That "oh no this is going to be a disaster" feeling. Which is total crap of course and I know that, but you gotta be careful when you hit a low spot.

So I took the advice of my favourite mental health professional and set it all aside for the day and checked out Cinderella with the kiddos and Granny, we threw in a dollar store shopping spree, lunch and a lap around the mall for good measure. I had just sent out my "sorry I have to decline" email before I left, so my stomach was a bit of a rock and I panicked a bit about the state of our Jersey Girl finances, but some quick figuring with my calculator eased that worry.

Don't I just sound like a delight? It's all just a big work in progress you know and I managed it pretty well if I do say so myself. I lost myself in the movie, I thought it was well done. The kids enjoyed it as well and we're all dying to check out Inside Out when it hits theaters.

Laundry is the bane of my existence...... that is all.

I'm thinking a few more hours in the day would be beneficial. Or maybe just being able to go without sleep..... but I kind like to sleep, so......

I think I'll call quits on today and start tomorrow refreshed (after I had my coffee!)

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Betsy Smith said...

Laundry is mine too!