Sunday, March 29, 2015

sunday randoms

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. I spent it with ML at a volunteer conference. So it was full of meetings, seminars, discussions and team building exercises. Yeah, I did all that and it was fine. I lived to tell you all about it. Here's the thing Shanny a few years ago wouldn't have made that trip for all the gold in the world. Shanny a few years ago would have shriveled up and died at the thought of sitting at a table and having a discussion with people she'd only met 30 seconds prior. Overall it was very good. I learned a lot, heard a lot of good ideas and met some interesting people. I learned I have two dominant leadership styles, participating and coaching, but I can access the other two (delegating and directing) if the situation requires it. That was pretty interesting. I wonder if the people I've "lead" would agree with that assessment?

We also had the chance to watch a TED Talk on Positive Youth Development that was completely fascinating, not just as a leader of young people, but as a parent. It was all about finding a youth's spark and using it to help them thrive. There's definitely a post rolling around in my head about that one. Honestly, I can't stop thinking about it.

To circle the wagons back around to my original point..... Saturday was a full day of talks and meetings, beginning at breakfast and going until dinner time, then we attended a banquet (the food was incredible all weekend!) and by nine o'clock I was done. I may be light years ahead of where I was in terms of how I am able to manage myself socially, but I ended my day completely exhausted. That was a incredible test for the new Shanny and she pretty much rocked it, but jammies, one of my besties and a Jason Batemen movie back in the room as exactly what the doctor ordered.

And to make this weekend completely perfect I got to hug a friend that could really use one and I found exactly what I needed for our spaghetti dinner in the quantity that I needed.

Oh and I stopped panicking about spaghetti dinner coming together. I know we'll rock it just like we rocked the three prior to this one. I always just want this to be the best event I can make it because I don't want to let my Jersey Girls down after all the hard work they put into this and I certainly don't want to let down the people we honour with this fundraising. I am very excited to have the Jersey Girls be a Juravinski Cancer Centre registered team, so all of our fundraising will go straight to the JCC to help with the purchase of a new anesthesia machine. It's an incredible opportunity to be a smll part of such a great community project. If you're local and haven't bought your April 11th Spaghetti Dinner tickets..... you're not going to want to miss this, message me for details.


Lynn said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! I'm proud of you for going to that conference. I'm still in the "shrivel up and die" stage when I think about networking with strangers. EEEP.

Betsy Hart said...

sounds like you did really well! Good job for getting out of that comfort zone!