Sunday, June 14, 2015

our 5th relay for life


Yesterday The Jersey Girls celebrated their 5th Relay for Life anniversary at our new Relay event. It was a lot of changes squished into a new shorter format, but the event as a whole got a thumbs up from the JG's. Our team suffered some fresh losses this year, so we cried a little bit more and hugged a little bit longer and harder.


Thanks to one of the wonderful teachers at Maya's school, Maya had a small bit of Miss Galligan's sparkle to carry with her as she walked yesterday. I wasn't aware this was going to happen and the below picture is Maya telling me what she has in her hand. I was smiling then, but when the weight of what she was telling me hit, I won't lie I was a bit of a mess.


Maya took her job of ushering Miss Galligan's sparkle around the track very seriously and when she took a break from walking she would hand her off to me so she was always on the track. Maya said later that she was glad to have Miss Galligan with her because it made her feel happy.


Things didn't get quite as punch drunk as they do at our regular twelve hour over night event, but there was still plenty of laughs to be had in amongst the tears, the hugs and the hand holding. The organizers put together a tremendous event, everything from the food to the activities to the music was top drawer. Each hour had a theme: beach (beach balls, limbo, grass skirts), crazy hour (thunder sticks, make your own noise makers, leis), country (cowboy hats, bandanas) and a colour fight.


I steered clear of that one, but the majority of the JG's joined in the fun. The only thing we were kind of meh about this year was the luminary ceremony. With this being held during the day, the luminaries had very little impact compared to the evening luminary ceremonies we have participated in prior to this year. I'd like to see it change to a memory/honour wall with photos instead. They did show a slide show, but with it being so bright it was very hard to see. That really was the only tiny complaint we had.


This year I am so proud to say that we indeed hit the goal we've been chasing for the past two years and we raised $5,662.10, bring our five year total to $22,042.70!! I am just staggered by the support we girls have received and the hard work my JG's have put into this project!


The last lap seemed to come far too quickly and I spent today being a little melancholy about having to put the JG fun to rest for a little while, but of course I am already planning and strategizing in my head for next year. The teams ahead of us pulled some really big and impressive numbers and I am keen to close the gap a bit next year.


Don't feel bad if you missed the boat, there is still time to donate, our online page stays open until the end of July. You can donate here!

As for me, y'all know I like to work hard for your donations and this year was no exception. I give you my fitbit stats for the day....


And you probably won't be surprised to see/hear....


See you in 2016!!

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Betsy Hart said...

You guys are beyond amazing! Glad you had a good time.