Wednesday, July 08, 2015

the reptile man

This summer, for the first time, Maya has joined the Summer Reading Program at the library. Enrollment in the club comes with a nifty badge on a lanyard that keeps track of her accomplishments. Not surprisingly she needs to read six books, tell the librarian about one of the books she's read, download a book or magazine to a device and attend a program. Our branch of the library doesn't have a huge selection of programs available compared to other branches but as luck would have it the week we were off they were offering a session with the Reptile Man. Maya was in.


We've actually had the Reptile Man out to Maya's school for a special educational day. He was great then and he did not disappoint at the library. He had toads the size of dinner plates and lizards longer than his arm. He was great explaining to the kids where these animals originate and how they spend their days in the wild. He had one adorable (and I can say that because it was on the other side of the room from me) little lizard that was very interested in the kids. So interested in fact he took every opportunity to leap into the crowds amid squeals of delight/horror. 


And then he pulled out the snakes and if you know Mike at all then you know....... there is never enough room between Mike and a snake. This was just the little one.


That is a full grown boa constrictor he's got wrapped around his body. Mike was seriously considering hanging out in the parking lot for this bit, but he stayed.


Maya was a cool cat through the whole thing.

Do you frequent the library?

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Betsy Hart said...

I made the mistake of trying to "get over my fear" by sitting in the front row of one of these shows, thinking they would be caged. But NOPE! I ended up running out of the room crying. :(