Saturday, August 01, 2015

summer camp at the fair

My girls were recently gifted with a week of summer camp. They were given the choice between two camps, but picking the brand new Ancaster Fair Day Camp was a no brainer for many many reasons, including Revill Family bestie, ML being the camp director. So there was zero worry about whether or not the girls would have the best week ever. In related news this summer has been chock full of the "best weeks ever" with more best weeks ever on the horizon! Yep, we are doing summer right!


So what is Ancaster Fair Camp all about? Not surprisingly they have animals! Not your average animals that most kids come in contact with, but there's a cow and goats and ducks and bunnies! Each one cuter than the last and the kids get hands on experience with them all!


Of course there are crafts. What self respecting summer camp doesn't have crafts. These crafts are special though, the kids can enter these crafts into the Ancaster Fair in September!


The girls came home with a stack of cute crafts with the entry tags already filled out! They can't wait to enter them. The kids got to spend time baking, playing, and learning camp songs all the while "earning their buttons".


By all reports my girls were game to try everything, they were friendly, respectful, they made new friends and as I mentioned, had the best week ever!


There was time spent with community heroes. Firefighters that let the kids have a try at working the fire hose. This picture just kills me. That's Maya back in the group, arms in the air cheering on one of the camp counselors. 


They had set up a pylon and the kids were trying successfully knock it over using the hose.


Looks like it was difficult business.


They wrapped a week of amazingly fun experiences with an animal parade and a trip to Ripley's Aquarium.


I am so incredibly grateful that my girls had the opportunity to attend not just a week of camp, but a week of camp put together by one of my very best friends. I have been an ear (and a hug) for her since this project was suggested. I have watched and listened to her put this whole thing together piece by piece for the past few months and it amazing. Every bit of it screams ML and trust me when I tell you, that is a good thing. I knew when she told me about this that it was going to be something great, but the reality has far outweighed my expectations. I am so proud of that chick!

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