Tuesday, September 01, 2015

you can call her jack o'lantern

Long time readers may have noticed that Maya likes to take the slow boat to things. She took two years to start sleeping through the night, for example. So it may come as no surprise that at the age of nine and a half she had only lost two teeth and those only because the dentist removed them and that was just a month or so ago. Around the same time we noticed that she finally had a tooth that could be called wiggly. So it wiggled and it wiggled and it wiggled a little bit more and then finally after her second bite into a naan bread pizza it had wiggled it's way mostly out.

Lucky for me ML always seems to be here for a visit when my kids teeth are just barely hanging in their heads. Even luckier, she's happy to deal with that whole extraction process because..... ick. this being Maya though, it wasn't going to be quick or easy and ML being ML, she doesn't proceed until she gets word from the child in question. So they sat on the couch together, Maya with dental floss tied around her tooth and ML with a killer pep talk and they sat and they sat and they talked and they sat.

Mike was out running some errands during ToothWatch 15, but had promised to bring back timbits, too bad Maya wouldn't be able to eat them in the state she was in. So ML pep talked her face off the 45 minutes or so that Mike was gone. All it took was Maya hearing the back door open, her Dad coming home with timbits in hand.... PULL IT! So MyPie and ML each with a hand on the floss popped that tooth right out. They also lost it momentarily in the couch, but that's a story for another time.



Lynn said...

Yay for Maya! ML is a godsend. I'm calling her over the next time one of mine has a loose tooth - I can't even stand to see them wiggling it, let alone pull it out. She rocks!

Betsy Hart said...

How fun! My nine year old had to have five teeth pulled because there wasn't room in her tiny mouth!