Monday, March 21, 2016

happy happy day

So it seems like it was the International Day of Happiness this past weekend and y'all know I like to celebrate as many fake holidays as I can, so it seems like the perfect time to list those little things that make my life happy. I mean it goes without saying that Michael and those girls of ours are dead centre of the things that make me happiest, but what about the zillion little things?

Things like.....

Coffee dates with Auntie KK.
Oh and double date night with Auntie KK.
Lazy summer wine and cheese nights with JB.
Evenings spent with friends playing cards.
Board games.
A really good burger.
Sharing a good book.
Volunteer projects.
Iced coffee.
Green tea.
Hot coffee.

What makes you happy?


Lynn said...

Sadly, Easter Creme Eggs make me happy. I bought a 3-pack this morning and they have somehow disappeared. It's the best time of the year, AND the worst time of the year!

Goofball said...

I've started to make a monthly list like's nice to focus on positive things, isn't it? It's so clearly the simple daily things that can make us happy and that add value in our lives. I can relate to a lot of them on your list