Friday, March 11, 2005

I went...

clothes shopping for myself this afternoon. They were having a 25% off sale at Cotton Ginny today only and since I had $90 in gift certificates it just made good fiscal sense. Now clothes shopping for myself is not something I consider fun. Today I attempted it with a splitting headache, a two year old who hadn't had a nap and my Mom who isn't happy unless you try on everything in the store. Today she brought me a pair of white jeans to try on. Now I don't wear white jeans, ever. I don't care if they are the best looking jean ever made, I won't wear white jeans. I told Mom that and still they were hanging in the changing room with a half a dozen other things she had brought for me to try on. So I started working through the pile of clothes my Mother had picked out for me. She had to remind me to show her everything I was trying on, like it was the first time I had ever been shopping with her. She's the kind of Mom that pulls you out of the dressing room to the middle of the store and walks around you in circles tugging the outfit into place all the while saying, "oh that's sharp."

So I try on a pair of pants and come out to be inspected. I could already tell as I was putting these pants on that I didn't care for them, but being the good daughter I am I came out and let my Mom check them out. We discussed what I didn't like about those pants and my Mom says to me, "well then don't buy them, you'll never wear them if you aren't comfortable in them." I guess for some strange reason she thought I might be tempted to purchase pants that looked horrific on me. So back I go to the changing room to wade through the pile of clothes I still have to try on. Abby's alternatley watching a SpongeBob video (they have a TV and some toys for kids in the store) and running in and out of all the change rooms. Every time I try one thing on my Mom magically appears with 4 more items. I should mention that this particular Cotton Ginny is my Mom's store. She manages it, so now she has her staff running around picking me out clothing as well. I'm fighting a losing battle, there's only one of me and she has her staff on her side. Now since my Mom was working during this afternoon's shopping expedition she did get called away to deal with actual customers from time to time. That's when I made my escape. Got back into my own clothes and brought the armful of things I had picked out to the check out before she could try and convince me to put on the orange capris she had picked out. Add no orange pants to that list as well.

Now I tease my Mom about clothes shopping and I'm usually ready to be finished ages before she ever is, but I have to admit she's great at it. I walked out of there tonight with 7 pairs of pants that all looked fabulous on me. Of those 7 pairs none of them are even remotely like anything I've ever bought myself before. The best part is the total only came to $117.00 for 7 pairs of pants. It doesn't get much better than that my friends. Over half the pants were $55.00 marked down to $9.99. I guess it helps to know the right people. Thanks again Mom I wouldn't have done anywhere near as well without you!!

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