Sunday, March 13, 2005

Well apparently....

I'm a slow learner. Who knew? You'd think after nearly drowning Abby with iced tea I would have learned a very valuable lesson. Unfortunatley that isn't the case. We had dinner with Iolanda last night and for some unknown reason instead of asking her to pass the salad like any reasonable person would, I felt I could reach it myself. Can anybody guess the outcome of this one? Yep that's right, I spilled her water all over her plate. Mike just looked at me and shook his head. I was totally mortified. Yoli, God bless her, was a good sport about it. My aim wasn't quite as good as last time so she only got a little bit on her lap, most was in her plate. No I save total drenchings for my daughter. At least this time we were at home so it was a little less embarassing than the last incident. I'm really hoping that I've got all of that out of my system now. If I keep this up nobody is going to want to eat meals with me.

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