Thursday, April 10, 2008

first date

Wow, putting yourself out there is scary. Especially when you've been off the market for a decade or two. Tuesday was the big night and it's safe to say I was a bundle of nerves. I kept telling myself I wasn't nervous, but myself and I both knew I was totally lying. I raced around after dinner tidying my kitchen, breaking a glass in the process. Which was fine because I always did hate those glasses, but of course you know I had to cut myself on it. So now the only thing that was keeping me from totally freaking out (the cleaning) is on the back burner while I dealt with the bleeding. I may have hyperventilated if Michael had not said, "Why are we so nervous about this?"

Why indeed? I had already exchanged countless messages with The Mommy. She reads my blog so it's safe to assume she has a good idea what's rolling around in my head on any given day. We've embarked on a large scale creative project together. I'm pestering her to join the parent's council. She feeds my kid and I feed hers. There's a really good possibility that she already decided that she liked me before we ever met face to face. Maybe that was it? Maybe it was the pressure to be as appealing in real life as I assume I am on "paper".

Before I knew it the time of the date had arrived. The Mommy arrived with Mr. The Mommy and little Jamie in tow (Maddie had dinner with us, so she was already there). And, yeah it was awkward. At least for me. I can't speak for anyone else. I'm not great at small talk, I don't know what to do with my hands or where to look or just how not to be a dork. Now, really we could have skipped right over the small talk because we message each other almost daily, but it seems weird to skip the getting to know you small talk. I imagine this is what blogger meet-ups are like? Could this technically be one? I mean I know she didn't start blogging until after we were messaging back and forth, but does it still count? If so, this would be my first one. Quelle exciting.

So we sat and had cake and coffee while I tried to dazzle them both with my mad conversation skillz and bubbly personality. Meanwhile Abby nearly threw up dessert at the table (she didn't, no she saved it until the middle of the night... all over her and her bed!). Maya got a serious pout on and then devoured a piece of cake like she hadn't seen food in a week. My cat wouldn't stop trying to sponge love off her. My hair.... well it needs to be cut desperately and that's all we need to say about that. Mike may have come off sounding like a Tassimo salesman and the conversation about the unfortunate placement of our bathroom went on a titch too long. The cake though, it rocked, so I will declare at least one small victory. And in typical first date fashion, once the evening had come to an end and our guests had returned home I turned to Mike and said, "Well how did we do? Do you think they like us?" And that opened the door to a whole new subset of things to obsess about. Man, this dating thing is hard.


Mommy said... *know* I think you are totally cool. You goofball. ;-)
Mike is completely terrific and both your girls (and your cat), are adorable.

Thanks again for having us. I'm sorry to hear Abby had "the burps" (as Jamie calls it). Poor thing. And your hand! Oh no!! That figures, eh?

Anyway, the next night I was thinking..."Hmmm...I wonder if Shan has any of that cake left". Your lucky I didn't pop over. :)

Mommy said...


Shan said...

Actually it was my foot. I stepped on it. The cut on my hand was from the weekend when I mistook my thumb for potatoes.

Yep, I sure did have cake left. You should have come over. It's all gone now though.


Gerbil said...

Heh heh heh, this was hilarious!