Monday, May 19, 2008

swearing, squared

Abby and I are sitting together in the recliner. The all new Winnie the Pooh is playing on the TV, but neither of us is paying much attention to it. We sit, gazing out the window, me playing with her hair and she asks me, "Is spoon a square word?"

"I'm not sure," I answer slowly because I really am not sure. There's a lot of fun little tricks her teacher uses to teach the kids how to read and spell. I am well versed in the concept of "popcorn words", words that "pop" up all the time. Words like; the, is, can, she and so on. Also if you come across one of these words you need to "butter it" (aka colour it with a yellow crayon). But square words, I must have missed the note on those. "I really don't know," I admit. "What is a square word?"

"You know, a bad word. A square word."

"Oh a *swear* word. No honey, spoon is not a swear word."


Leah said...

How cute is that??? I love the word blunders that pop up in life! Took me several minutes and some major frustration on Emily's part when she was two and was insisting on eating a girl sandwich. "You know, wit da cheese on it?" (grilled cheese sandwich....)

I'd have been seriously stumped over spoon being a square word, too! LOL

Melissa said...

oh, that's so sweet!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

I wonder why she would think "spoon" was a swear word? So funny to hear the things that they come out with at this age. I love it. Maddie thinks "stupid" is a swear word. I never told her that, but I think it's a pretty good classification we decided to leave it that way.

Shan said...

Leah - oh that's funny.

Melissa - it was pretty cute.

Normie - i have no idea why. I know, I love talking to her, just to hear what's going to come out next.