Wednesday, June 11, 2008

take it, take another little piece of my heart now baby

These kids of mine. Slowly but surely they are chipping away at my heart. It's this constant growing up they insist on doing. Ack! Is there any way to stop it? Slow it down?

I'm not going to lie to you, the hair thing with Abby has become an issue. The daily arguing and negotiations about the upkeep have worn extremely thin. I've been tired of it for quite some time. There have been endless discussions about what to do with it that usually go something like this....

Me: Abby, if you're going to cry whenever I brush your hair we should get it cut.
Abby: NO! Just don't brush it fast.
Me: Abby we can't be fighting about your hair every day.
Abby: No! I don't want it cut. I like my long hair. Just brush it slow.
Me: Just a few inches. I promise.
Abby: You're brushing it too fast again.
Me: ...grumble.....
Abby: Owwwww, you're hurting me.
Me: Tomorrow, we're getting it cut tomorrow.

And then this weekend we agreed. We'd get it cut. So I left her at the sitter's (who, helpfully, is a hair dresser as well) and asked her to make about chin length - ish.


I have to admit it is shorter than I was anticipating and it's taking some adjusting too, but overall I think she looks adorable. And a whole lot older. The best part is Abby loves it too. Brushing her hair tonight after her bath was a breeze. No crying, no yelling, no arguing. So that in itself makes it worth it.

This afternoon I was eager to pick up Abby and check out her new do, but when we got to the sitters I didn't spot her right away. And why was that? Well I didn't think she'd be the big kid on the two wheeler bike. Yep, today she hopped right on a two wheeler and took off like she'd been riding it for years. Neither Mike or I had made any kind of attempt to teach her to ride one since she kept insisting she wasn't ready. Looks like she was a born natural. Must get it from her Uncle Dave, who was riding my two wheeler at three years old. Long before my five year old self had mastered it.

Just how much growing up is a Mom expected to take in one day?


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable and she really is growing up so quickly!!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Wow! She does look older now with the short `do. You are a brave Mommy to let her get it cut - but she looks cute and it will be great for the summer!

Kaci said...

Really cute!!!

just me said...

Ahhh, I remember that moment.There was alot of name calling of said two wheeler and your Dad thinking it might be easier for you without training wheels took them off and your brother hops on it and rides rather well. Then there was a whole lot of new name calling!:)
Great do Abby, it will be great at the cottage.
We will have to go riding!


Leah said...

I refuse to show Emily this post. SHE'S the one who wants chin length hair and I'm just NOT going there with her... Abby pulls it off beautifully with that nice STRAIGHT hair. Emily would be a poodle with all her fluffy hair fluffing around her face...

and WAY TO GO ABBY about riding a two-wheeler! I can barely talk Emily onto a bike that has training wheels! I'm so very impressed.

Karen said...

I love love love her haircut. Emily's hair is short, as you know, and she gets so many compliments on it. I think very few little girls nowadays have short dos so when people see one, they ooh and ahh.

That's amazing about the bike. Saved your back, anyway!

Shan said...

Suze - I know it's craze and a little heartbreaking.

Normie - It was a decision made with a fair bit of hand wringing believe me. Glad I did it though.

Kaci - thanks.

Mom - I knew you'd get a kick out of that.

Leah - She gets that straight hair from me, but at least she can grow some decent bangs. Me not so much. Thanks she's pretty impressed with herself. Now it's time for a new bike. Her old one is way too small for her.

Karen - thanks. I think you're right. By this morning Abby was already asking me if she could keep her hair like this forever.

shan said...

My husband got teary-eyed when our Maya got her bob over spring break this year. They do grow so dang fast.
Oh, and the short hair is soooo much easier to manage, isn't it?