Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ouch, that one kind of hurt

I'm in the shower and Abby is hanging out in the bathroom. Just keeping me company. Which is nice because everyone knows if you're a Mom you are not allowed to be in the bathroom by yourself. Ever. So I'm showering and Abby is non stop chattering on the other side of the shower curtain.....

Abby: You know we used to be apes? A long long long time ago. We used to be apes.
Me: Really, where did you hear that?
Abby: At school. It was a really long time ago. Before this family was even born. A really long time ago. Like back in the 80's.


ROFL!!! A part of me is still a little frustrated they can teach our children that, but not the creation story... another rant entirely. lol
true though as a kid in the 80ies, I didn't shave yet so had more hair. Since the 90ies I became aware of that and I got that solved as a teenager :) Maybe she knew.
Ouch, that one does sting a little, doesn't it.
Kids know how to make us feel old :) Cute conversation!
Betsy - It was super funny.

Goofball - Maybe:)

Julie - sure did.

Karen - I thought so.

SM - yes they do!