Thursday, September 17, 2009

you capture - macro

This week's you capture prompt was macro. It was fun getting up close and personal with some object I found around my house.


03 (19)

Like this cog in the lockout game Abby and I played last week.

03 (10)

This was not an easy shot to get. A close up of the TV in our bedroom.


The rocks in out driveway.


A bit of plant fluff on the old bell we got from Papa Al's.


The weathered ends of our garage roof.

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TV shot is very cool!
oooh that tv shot hurts my eyes.

I love the garage roof most.
Cool shots, Shan! The garage one is my fav., too. We have to go on a Photo-Walk together one of these days!
Really great macros! I like the TV, and the rocks.
Really cool macros. I like them all, especially the rocks.
I love the rocks photo, very cool and king Julian I must say looks adorable as always. =)
nice shots, I love the first one.
Awesome shots, I wouldn't have guessed that one was from a garage roof!
love the garage shot. something about old wood.
allenaim - thanks, I thought so too.

Goofball - thanks

MP - yes we do, let me know when you want to go.

Dani - thanks, I liked the rocks too.

SM - thanks

Lorena - he is isn't he? I love him.

Heather - thanks for stopping by.

Vera - it's a pretty old garage, in need of repair.

Julie - There is isn't there?