Monday, February 22, 2010

the answer is nine

To continue with theme "I'm the Mom of an almost tween" for a moment ~ We're all friends here, so I feel fine telling you all I'm having my "lady days", as I like to call them. Abby noticed some of my "supplies" on the counter waiting to be moved into my purse. She picked one up.....

Abby: What is this?
Me: Well I think we can talk about that when you're a bit older.
Abby: But I want to know now.

I looked at her and thought for a moment while her father died a slow death on the other side of the kitchen. I looked at her and remembered that she's dang near being labeled an official tween (Gawd I hate that word). And her very own lady days are (potentially) not that far in the future. - Oh my Gawd! I think I may be hyperventilating. Ack! - So I explained to her, in an age appropriate manner what the lady days were because I wanted her to know that it wasn't a big deal for her and I to discuss this kind of stuff. I explained to her that she was to keep the conversation between her and I because it was up to other Moms and Dads to have those talks with their kids. Emphasis on the - it's not your job to spread the word on this one - part.

So we talked for a little while and when we were done I asked if she had any questions.

Abby: I do have one question.

In my head I'm fah-reaking out because, surely this must be it. She is totally going to ask me how the baby gets into the Mommy's tummy in the first place and now I'm in way over my head and why can't I just hit the rewind button and make her 5 again for the love of Pete.

But outwardly I'm calm and I smile a little smile, not unlike the one Carole Brady smiled at her kids and said.... Sure you can. What is it?

Abby: What's seven plus two?


Julie said...

For the love of Pete! Holy cow, I don't ever want to have that conversation with my kid, even if he is a boy.

Yeah you!

Cristan said...

It's never too early to talk about lady-days! My niece is 8 and just met "Aunt Flo" one was prepared and my SIL took her to the dr., who said that 9 is becoming the new 12! YIKES! She's also not the 1st kid in her 3rd grade class to have it.

Leah said...


I had to explain about bleeding to Emily when she was FOUR because the child walked in on me in the middle of cleaning up some after-birth bleeding when Connor was born. she freaked out and thought I was dying, so we had to talk about it being part of a baby being born and my body healing, and preparing for another baby someday, or not. And how she would have bleeding when she was much bigger, too and that it was just her body letting her know that she's growing up and preparing to be a mommy SOMEDAY (much much later in the future, preferably! ha!) She took it all in stride and still has yet to ask about how babies get IN. I wonder a lot these days if it's because someone already told her some crazy story and she thinks she knows the facts and doesn't need to ask. But I'm also afraid of bringing up the subject if she's still blissfully clueless. I knew some crazy stuff by 3rd grade, which is next year for Emily. OMG! It might be about time to have a version of "the talk". augh!