Thursday, February 04, 2010

reasons i love my husband - #62

So you may have heard that I love my husband, for many reasons and I've kinda been working on a list of them. You can check it out, the link is over there in my sidebar. Anyway if I'm being honest this is more of a what I love about him kind of thing rather that why I love him, but I'm going to allow it anyway. Why? Because it's my blog, so my rules.

So my Michael... he can't stand football. At all. He loves hockey. And he enjoys a good baseball or basketball game. I've seen him watch lacrosse. And I'm sure we'll watch various Olympic events. But he doesn't do football. Even still he loves football movies. True story.

Varsity Blues - when it was on the dish he watched it whenever the opportunity presented itself. Yep that football movie starring Dawson Creek's Dawson. Loved it. I'm still not sure why.

We Are Marshall - He thinks this is an incredible movie. He loved Matthew McConaughey in it and he is not a big Matthew McConaughey fan.

The Blind Side - Mike really wanted to see this so we checked it out last weekend. Loved it! Definitely deserves all the buzz it's getting. You should see it, sooner than later. Trust me.

And there's Friday Night Lights, Waterboy, Remember the Titans, The Longest Yard, and Jerry Maguire (you should note that this is the only movie I actually enjoyed Renee Zellweger in).

Weird, huh?

What's your favourite football movie?


Julie said...

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Merry said...

Definitely Rudy! I cry EVERY TIME!