Thursday, March 17, 2011

knowing me, knowing you - March 2011

So, I'm way way late with this, but better late than never as they say....

Time once again for that monthly interview project we all know and love.. Knowing Me, Knowing You.

1. Do you consider yourself a foodie?

I have to say no. Don't get me wrong I love food, but I have no burning desire to try whatever the culinary food has to offer. I appreciate a really good goat's cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar that my girl JJ brings to movie night, but I'm equally okay if someone shows up with a bag of doritos too. Know what I mean? I spend more than my fair share of time pouring over recipe books and food blogs and my kids think I am completely bonkers when I take pictures of my dinner and post it on the internet, but even still I wouldn't call myself a foodie. Hmmmm you put that all down on "paper" and seems the evidence may be stacked against me. What do you think, am I a foodie or no?

2. Are you a spender or a saver?

I think I'm a healthy mix of both. I mean we go through spurts where we spend, like just before Christmas, but that was necessary/planned out spending. Tires for the van and some new household items and my beloved laptop. This year we put in place a pretty aggressive savings plan... well it's aggressive for us. It's exciting to watch that grow.

3. What was the last movie you saw?

The Switch with my secret boyfriend Jason Bateman. Anytime spent watching him on screen is not a waste in my opinion, but this wasn't his best work. I mean it was good, but no where near the awesomeness of Arrested Development... when is that movie coming out? Also in The Switch was Jennifer Anistion, who I would date in a second if that was my thing. Team Aniston all the way!

4. What is the closest book to you?

It's a three way tie. The Pioneer Woman's cookbook. I whipped up a batch of her pie crust last night. Need to make two pecan pies for a church dinner tonight. The Weight Watchers Food companion and the WW dining out companion. Got to keep them close to stay on track!

5. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Not really. Although I did whip up a batch of funfetti cupcakes on the sly and left them on the table with a note from "Larry the Leprechaun" saying he baked a rainbow into them for the girls. Abby was super excited about it, but then wasn't so sure "Larry" actually existed when she saw the flour out on the counter. I had cleaned up any evidence of cupcake making on the off chance that she put it all together because typically she's pretty clueless about that kind of stuff, but she is going to be 9 soon and I am very aware that the days of not questioning the magic are surely coming to an end sooner rather than later. So she sees the flour and gets all spanish inquisition like with me. Luckily the flour was out for the aforementioned pie crusts, that were already hanging out in the freezer. Crisis averted. Childhood memories saved!

So now the rules, they're pretty simple. Post your answers to these questions on your own blog in the next few days. Remember to link back here in your post and sign the Mr. Linky too, so we can all see what you have to say. Please make sure you link to your actual KMKY post and not your blog's front page. Any front page links will be deleted. And most importantly, have fun! Have suggestions for next months questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know.


Angie said...

Great questions! Thanks for hosting a fun blog hop!

Pam said...

Yay! I love your KYKM thingies. I'm an Arrested Development fan too and I love your St. Paddys day fun.

Betsy said...
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Betsy said...

That sounds like a fun thing to do for St. Patrick's day =)

Merry said...

You and I are sisters in a past life (but we knew that didn't we?). I could easily have written the first two answers for myself. :)

fourdayshome said...

Such a cute idea for St. Paddy's Day!

Bibliomama said...

I did it and then forgot to link! Thanks so much, I love doing these.

Alicia said...

My first time. Thanks! Great idea.