Monday, February 27, 2012

so funny

Saturday night we went to a skating show with some friends. Mike, the kids and I were sitting in seats behind our friends, but Maya wanted to move up a row....

Maya: I want to sit with J.
Me: Okay. Go ahead.
Maya: But I want you to come with me!
Me: There isn't room for me, but you can go.
Maya: But I don't know her! (Pointing at my friend's sister-in-law)
Me: Then sit in between J and F. (My friend and her husband)
Maya shakes her head at me.
Me: Are you afraid of F?
Maya: Yes.
Me: Well I will tell you something, F thinks you are the cutest thing ever.
Maya: Okay I'll sit with him.

And she did. For the whole show. And then he gave her a juice box and sealed the deal. They are now best friends for life.

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