Wednesday, March 21, 2012

progress report

I baked a rainbow cake this weekend for the kids to celebrate St Patrick's day. There is half of it still on the counter. I also whipped up some oatmeal chocolate chip muffins and chocolate chip cookies for lunches. They are tucked away in the cupboard. I know they are there. I know they are delicious. I'd like to have some with my tea. I won't, but it's not easy. Well it's kind of easy because I'm lazy and I'm already sitting and really... who wants to get up? Also helping, those pants I bought just after Christmas, already too big. This morning I put on my "small" pants. It has not been easy, but those two little things are huge motivators to keep me moving forward.


I went for a run today. I almost didn't go, all the ipods were in need of a charge and the thought of running without music to help push me a long had me making up a list of excuses to skip out. I forced myself out the door and felt better for it. That's me in all my post run glory this afternoon.


After dinner we took the kids out for a little walk and I had Abby snap this picture of me. We'll call it my before picture, okay?

If you want to talk numbers, I'm down about 10 lbs. I have been far from perfect so it's been a bit of yo-yoing. Lose 1.8lbs one week, up 0.4lb another, but overall I'm in the loss column. I stopped eating after 7:30pm. I'm drinking more water, more green tea. I'm tracking my points, but I could be more diligent about it. I'm running. Just starting, taking baby steps. I am shocked I'm still doing it. I don't even hate it while I'm running. Looks like it's going to stick. I guess it's time to get some proper running shoes and some white ankle socks, the black ones aren't cutting it... fashion-wise.


Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

Great job! Sounds like you're doing great, have a plan, and have determination! Go!

Merry said...

You go girl!!! I need to start exercising again after we get back from vacation.

Karen said...

Way to go, Shan! You inspire me.... I really need to start exercising again. I was so good last year and this year, nada.